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Monday, February 22, 2010

80%off is offering an 80% discount off of their
already low priced gift certificates.
Right now you can get a $25 gift certificate for only $2.
this is a great time to stock up.
This is when I buy my gift certificates. If I know I will be taking a 
trip soon, etc... I check out the available restaurants in that area
and go ahead and purchased gift certificates from the restaurants I would
like to try. 
My husband and I did this last year when we went to Nashville for a weekend.
We ate at great restaurants and got to try some that we probably would
never have known about if it were not for
Just enter code:savor in the promotional code at check out. 

Free Johnson's bath buddies

Since I was just talking about the johnson's bath buddies, I did a search and found out there is a new printable coupon out there for $1 off of any Johnson's baby product. Keeping in mind that you can print it twice, that is 2 free bars of this soap. And it smells great.
Follow this link and print your coupon.

Where do you get those coupons?

"Where did you get those coupons?"
When I'm in the grocery line and the cashier begins to tally up my coupons, inevitably, someone asks me this question. I have several answers for that question. first off, the Sunday paper. I always buy 2. I pay $3.00 a week for 2 papers, and I usually save at least $20 with that $3 investment. I also use printable coupons that you can get online. I'll give you a few links below for you to follow and print your coupons. 
I also buy them on ebay. There are folks out there who have may have 20 of a coupon that you want. I recently bought 20 $1 off of any Johnsons baby product. Well, I knew that the Johnson's bath buddy soap was .99 at Kroger. So I bought 20 for $2.00. And with that $2 investment, I got 20 bars of soap free. I think it was worth it.

Here are a few online printable coupon sites.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recycle Bank

If you've not joined Recycle Bank, DO IT. Just kidding, but it is a great source of high value coupon$. I just ordered my $5 off of 1 package of Huggies coupon. I used 2 already. This is a sight that rewards you for recycling, or doing "green"things. Check out the website. You earn 100 points just for signing up. I've gotten over $25 worth of free stuff since signing up a few months ago. 

Starbucks $1 coupon

If you become a fan of Starbucks and leave a comment, you will receive a $1 coupon on any size frappucino. Great deal. Snag yours before they're all gone. And remember you can print twice.

$1 Cheerio Coupon

If you haven't noticed lately, cereal has been on sale. I have quite a bit in stock, so haven't need to take advantage of the deals. But I saw one deal this week at Walgreens where you could get 2 boxes of cereal for $1!!!! Of course, this was with a coupon. But here's another great coupon from Cheerios, just follow the link to get a $1 coupon off when you buy 2 boxes.
 Just copy and paste this link in your browser and it will take you straight to the coupon. Remember, you can print it twice.

Free key ring at SnapFish with $25 purchase

Now through February 10th, spend $25 at and get a free key ring. Just place a square photo key ring in your cart, along with your $25 purchase. At checkout, type in FREEKEY in the promo code. This would make a great gift.

Friday, February 5, 2010

SAVE-A-LOT website

If you haven't checked out Save-a-Lots website, you are missing out.  They offer great coupons on national brand products, as well as, their own brands. They've even been known to offer $5 off of a $20 purchase coupon too. Combine the coupons and that makes for some great deals.


All You magazine. Is it worth the cost?

Okay. I am a confessed "tight wad". I hate to pay for magazine subscriptions. I have heard all over about the "All You" magazine. It has been raved about by fellow "tight wads" as a great source for coupons. I was skeptical at best. But, my mom somehow came across a subscription when a current magazine went out of circulation, they replaced it with All You. So I have read and studied her copy the last two months. The cost is about $2.50 or so at Walmart. And the last several months, they have had over $70 worth of coupons in each copy.

Well, right now they are running a deal on Amazon for $15 for a 1 year subscription. This is a great deal...especially if you use your Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards. I  still have 3 I'm waiting to use.

All of that to say this, I think it's worth it. And that's saying a lot. The articles are actually really good, the coupons are great, and it has great info on how to save money.

.95 cents off of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Okay, my boys LOVE cinnamon rolls. So this is a great find for me. I don't know how much they are this week, but they've been on sale at Krogers, so you might get them really cheap. Either way, its a good deal. Just paste this address in your browser and print the coupon twice.

Incredible Edible Egg

I have been scouring the internet today looking for deals for my readers. Here is a good, "everyday" deal. Buy one dozen eggs, get a dozen free. If you become a fan of the "Incredible Edible Egg" you will receive a coupon for 1 dozen eggs free.

Freebies 4 Mom: Free Benihana Birthday Dinner

Freebies 4 Mom: Free Benihana Birthday Dinner

Here's a great freebie for your birthday, if you love Hibachi. Thanks to Freebies4mom for finding this one.