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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Services Available

I have had many questions about services that I offer for the "Live Well- Spend Less" sessions. I've had interest in "personal shopper consultations", "One-on-one consultations" and many others. I have decided to offer a handful of more focused "one-on-one" options to help you with your "saving strategy" for your home. So, here's a list of the services:
Personal Shopper Consultation
Realizing that it is difficult to grasp the entire scope of coupon shopping, register rewards, stacking coupons, cutting coupons and match-ups; I am going to offer a more personal option. This will be a one on one list making, coupon match-up and shopping time between myself and you. I will shop with you and help you learn how to get the best deals. For more information, just email me.
Price: $50

Several session attendees have ask if I would be willing to make their detergent for them.And the answer is yes! 

Liquid Detergent 
        (HE) 640 loads  (conventional) 320 loads -
        Price:  $30.00

Powder Detergent
       (HE) 400 loads  (conventional) 200 loads -
      Price:  $20.00

One-on-One consultation
      A more focused 1 hour session that is for you to ask the questions you need answered and work on a money saving strategy for you and your family.
      Price: $25


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